Who We Are


Who We Are

INTER is a company founded by professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in higher-learning internationalization, who have both graduated from higher-learning institutions and worked abroad.

The founders belong to research groups about Academic Mobility, Regional Integration, Higher-Learning Internationalization, Intercultural Competences and Global Citizenship.

The Company

INTER is a company specializing in International Education that, by means of the founders’ vast expertise, its pool of international mentors and the use of technology, offers highly-specialized products and services, with the intention of contributing to the acquisition of intercultural competences by means of an international education.

To contribute with solutions and information so that better decisions are made in the development of education abroad.

To be a highly-esteemed company, recognized for its zeal, personalized assistance and contribution in the development of international education.

Otherness: recognizing the other in the entirety of his/her differences (belief system, tradition, culture, worldview, etc).

Commitment to the dissemination of international education and acquisition of quality intercultural competencies.

Integrity in the relationship with our public.

Innovation: always keeping in mind the search for interculturality.

Our partners