Products And Services

Electronic magazine dedicated to publishing materials, Webinars and interviews online by people of renown in the area of internationalization of education, as well as news items regarding study abroad, acquisition of global competences and interculturality.

Digital tool which maps the educational institutions in core host countries, offering general information and interaction.

Learn more about the costs of study abroad: Digital tool that guides the user step-by-step through the process of study abroad, providing information, tips and, principally, an evaluation of the costs involved. Upon utilizing said tool, the user will obtain an estimate of personal investment that can be updated at any time.

Mentoring in international education consists of thorough assistance via a mentor – a guide, instructor or advisor – that, through vast professional experience, orients the mentee in the search for and attainment of an international education, striving for the acquisition or refinement of the intercultural competences increasingly valued in local, regional and international work markets. The study abroad candidate can conduct online consultations with an INTER expert.